I took today to do nothing… no music… no activity whatsoever. I did this just to swim in calm thoughts..

Mel Robbins – #5SecondRule and her #5secondrule really provides me a tool and resource to use daily, which will have you take a step back and re-evaluate your SELF.

Acceptance in the bad parts of your journey, is just as important than the acceptance in the goods. Focus your mindset to shift, channel your growth to realize in every single step you take forward there lies a moral behind the story of that footstep.

I do my best to relay what I say to you all who choose to follow me along my own journey. I struggle daily just like many of us, who fight tragic battles day in & day out… While my focus stays on the achievement of one of many big goals I have in life, I also feel that is a weakness of mine, is to constantly enhance my communication with everyone in the most effective way I can possible.

This specific post on this day of the solar eclipse was to truly calm my thoughts… I realized that most of the time your mind, energy, vibes are surrounded with a lot of noise and negativity. Don’t put blame on yourself for feeling the way you do, instead begin the adventure of the Lost. This is when you turn up the focus and learn to Love yourSELF so fucking hard!

Our lives are a blueprint that we have much more control over than we think. Every being alive on this planet has a LIFE. That Life is a correlation of a Virtue. To reach any Virtue is the same process. An unlimited amount of ways to reach that Virtue, nevertheless it’s one in the same.

“August” is the month of GRIND. Gary Vaynerchuk opened my eyes to this new found love in the month of August. 21 days in, 11 days left.

Even if you don’t see physical evidence of growth everyday of your journey, just be happy with one underlying fact: YOU BEGAN.

Calm Your Thoughts… 💬💫

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