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You have to get to know thyself in your


What does that mean?

“To know ThySELF”, is to know what works and doesn’t work for you. In all aspects of your SELF, in totality.

5 key 🔑 areas we all have:

  • Mental
  • Emotional
  • Physical
  • Spiritual
  • And yes even Sexual..

“In your Element”, means in what specific state are you at your best and most effective.

What turns you on; Positively? What are interests/activities you do, or traits about you that can help YOU grow exponentially everyday, even though you actually only apply a little bit?

“The Expert In Anything Was Once A Beginner.”

Another huge mentor of mine Les Brown recently posted this quote that many other Legendary Mindz use universally.

Start a list of 5-10 things to make a habit of, that positively affect you in any way.

One of my mentors Gary Vaynerchuk recently posted the most amazing article which provides Valuable insight on “How to Start“. Start what?… YOUR NEW LIFE!

I’m not YET the strongest book reader, so you have to start somewhere. Best article I’ve read this year on Medium that has forever opened my mind…

“If it comes; let it. If it goes; let it.”

You have to trust the process of your journey 👣… You have to have acceptance with all things you CANNOT control.

Accept yourself for where you currently are in life. Embrace your flaws & imperfections. Realize you can’t change the past, you can ALWAYS change right now.

Fall in love with the Mistakes & Failures you experience… that’s the only way you’ll level up and learn something new. 💭💡

If it was meant to stay in your life, it would right?

I’ll leave you off with this…


EARN your Trust, Respect & Love ♥️.

CONNECT with your Right Brain. ☯️

THINK of the life you want to live. 💭

WRITE down exactly how you want to live. ✍🏽📜

CREATE that Vision you plan to Manifest. 🙌🏽

Thank you for listening to me. This is just a short excerpt of my own personal journey and beginning to my new life!

I hope it provides clarity to whoever is meant to see this with an abundance of motivation, inspiration, hope, faith, belief, sense of relief, and so much more…. simply so that you too can conjure up the courage to JUST GET STARTED…




Say Hello 👋🏽 if you actually read this!

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