I Am…

…Going to live the life God promised me I would live! 🙏🙌

This is a cool way to experience some mental growth along this journey. I like to call it Mental Health Intuition ♻️🧠💡

“The sign of intelligent life is you know trouble could be our there, and you do something to prevent it.”

Dr. Daniel Amen

What makes us human 🤔:

Prefrontal Cortex (30% of the human brain) & Forethought

How to Learn Faster:

“When you teach something you get to learn twice.”

Jim Kwik

[ www.kwikbrain.com ] 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️💨🧠

1. Brain Excellence

2. <Why> Do You Care?

Remember “FAST”:

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  • Apply
  • Subscribe
  • Teach

7 Steps to a Healthy Brain with Dr. Daniel Amen

⬇️ Click Here For Full Podcast! ⬇️


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