Legendary Mindz is a vision of mine inspired, innovated & remixed from the dream of an extremely powerful man in history; Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

That one day, we as one people (humans), could fulfill one of God’s biggest commands; To Love your neighbor as yourself. But the thing is most people don’t love themselves because they don’t even know themselves… I was in the same boat, I was definitely a victim of that too.

sunset hands love woman
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So I wanted to somehow construct an online platform where the content that I drowned myself in could be placed in one big compilation, yet in a cool & striking manner. I thought how about I reach the people in the world who thinks like I do and give us a cool title that makes sense to the level of our thinking. Then it dawned on me, lets call us “Legendary Mindz”, pretty dope name huh?

Now this idea manifested from the depths of my mind, retrieved from the file cabinet of Desires, which was placed in there by Father God. Something that didn’t exist at all on this planet until the person who would bring it into fruition had the courageousness to follow through. Actually in better words had the obedience to do something out of the fear of being judged by people.

Look… I’m weird as a doo doo emoji (working on not swearing y’all), that’s just the way it is. Point, blank, period. I don’t fit in with anyone even when I tried my hardest to do so. But whole time I honestly have grown and is still growing to this day, to LOVE myself fully as God loves me, seriously though I mean FR fr…

This journey takes a while to have acceptance that I am the sole inhabitant of this body and Jesus came to die for the sins of our flesh. Now many of you either don’t believe in Him due to the misconception of it being a RELIGIOUS belief, when its actually the spiritual connection/relationship you have with the creator. To believe in Jesus is the one true way to get to heaven, He is the resurrection & the Life. If you know the story of the Son of God then at least you could have a small mustard of Faith that he could be real. It took me a while to have increase in my belief too. Don’t stay stuck trying to please people by denying Him glory, praise & worship.

I could talk about this forever and I mean forever. If you ever met me one thing that hasn’t changed about me is my love for talking. Don’t get me wrong I love to listen just as much. I value communication highly; you should too. If you fear God it simply means to give God the respect that He deserves. He is a sovereign ruler. Whether you believe in the gospel or not, that doesn’t change the fact of what He put in the Holy Bible. Don’t be confused, its A LOT of that going on in this world. So much that the main heavy hitters are unseen, thats called Spiritual Warfare.

I’m not here to convert you, I’m not here to force my beliefs on you. I’m simply expressing my shared right to voice my opinion. I am a believer that is unashamed and the change that has occurred over my life, no human could have done, it was all by the mercy & grace of God.

We all serve a purpose. Now the only thing I can do is testify that I am a witness to His power & glory. It’s not easy out here in these streets to love Him. That’s why the Holy Scrolls are the blueprint on how to live life correctly on earth. Jesus was the perfect example. How does that not make sense? Have you read it with someone that you can relate to?

black and white cemetery christ church
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

We just have to not be afraid to seek His face & His kingdom if you desire the greatest for your life after we leave this world. The afterlife is the new heaven & new earth. God isn’t human. So when He makes promises I wouldn’t think He playing with my life, sending me off like a goofy, I honestly believe that His will shall be done.

Seek and you will find. Ask and it will be given to you. Knock and the door will be opened up to you. This is all scripture, factual information, if only you would have the patience to believe Him & trust Him. God will not send you off like ol’ girl or ol’ boy would.

The things that we ought to pray for is knowledge, wisdom & understanding. He will give you blessings in #abundance as long as you are obedient and do NOT break any of his commands.

Thou shall not… I think 10 of them, go look them up.

One major key that I want to share with y’all is something I wondered about YEARSSSSSS…. “will God love me even though I’ve been a sinner?”

The answer is YES!!!

We just have to do this thing called repent. Which basically means go into prayer mode and ask God for forgiveness of your sins. Confess them and admit them to Him and this is how you say you’re sorry. If you fall short and make the mistake again, go and repent again. When you can’t see a way out and you feel stuck and trapped in that sin pray to Him to deliver you from evil. I have wrote you a dang short story, but I needed someone somewhere who is reading up to this point to know this stuff.

God is the Word. You know how many words are in the dictionary?! A lot of them. But He identifies Himself as one word that you can see out in the world if you truly pay attention to the actions, behaviors & words of others and that word is LOVE. God = LOVE. Anything that isn’t love is not of God. Is that understood? Many of us never had love to know what it truly is. You have to give up looking for love from people and seek love from the one who will always love you.

Okay I’m done though lol…

Its all LOVE & RESPECT fellow Kings & Queens!

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Photo by George Becker on Pexels.com


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