Culture is a texture. It’s a vibe. It’s a feel.

–Claude Silver

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Everyone who truly knows me knows that Gary Vaynerchuk is one of my top online mentors in the entrepreneurship world! He’s a fellow human being who gives GENUINE motivation to those who need it, provides some deep clarity and understanding in the misconstrued world of business, entrepreneurship and social media, overall the guy is someone I have ultimate respect for.

He appointed Claude Silver as Chief Heart Officer (CHO), she is known as THE heartbeat of VaynerMedia, being a lead-by-example type of gal that sets the culture in their work atmosphere. She is another person I see that demonstrates the how-to when it comes to enhance the mind, body & soul of a person. This is what Legendary Mindz is all about.

Further ACTION is required — Faith without works is dead!

These are the 3 major keys to manifest this great company culture:

  1. Overcome “politics” by instilling kindness and empathy
  2. Conduct one on ones with every single employee
  3. Build self-awareness among employees

To receive ALL details on How to Build Great Company Culture read the full article at:

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