A poem explaining the solitude of the lone wolf.

Written by Almedia Lee Exum

Background wall paper of a lone wolf.

As fate would have it, here I am,
Walking down this lonely road,
And although company would be nice,
I may have to go at it alone.
I denied it at first,
Hoping maybe things would change,
Maybe hope is yet to come,
But it appears more or less the same.
Aware of who I am,
And my service to the world,
One would think I’d lack distraction,
But I yearn for a detour.
“What of this guy over here?!”
“What of that friend in the back?!”
“Maybe they could be my stand in Parents!”
There are so many relationships I lack.
No one cares about the loner,
No one ask’s about thier day,
No one offer’s them a hand, 
No one see’s them, anyway.
I know that I am stubborn,
And unyielding in my ways,
But much like a lion in the jungle,
A lone wolf can not be tamed.

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