The Family

Professional headshot for BrandonBrandon “Carldale” Smith – Founder/CEO/CVO

Legendary Mindz is a lifestyle that many of us live today. We are a people, like entrepreneurs, who are committed to being life-long learners. Those who value to have exponential growth in all 3 core areas that make us human: Mind, Body & Soul.

To tell a little about myself, first and foremost I am a believer in the gospel of Jesus Christ (God). Which to make it simple I believe in LOVE in perfect form. Everything I do and say is driven out of pure LOVE. To help, support and encourage one another to become better, no intent to harm. I started this movement with the ultimate goal to help solve a LOVE problem in the world, because that’s what a lot us have needed and still do need.

I am the Director of Digital Marketing for the nonprofit organization Kid Possible Worldwide.

As my faith continues to grow, so does my character which I have strong morals and values for how I conduct myself to you all. To be a leader means you have to lead by example. As the company manifests into the vision that God has given me, all glory and praise goes to Him. This was not done by my own human understanding. I had to submit myself to have my paths made straight. The purpose may require more clarity over time, yet the mystery is why you all should stay tuned for more to come. Trust me you are in for a real treat!

Professional headshot for Kimberly
Kimberly McGraw, Co-Founder & COO

I’m Kimberly McGraw also known as Kim Possible of Kid Possible Worldwide, for making amazing things happen others thought was impossible.  I learned quick how the power of the right combination of words can motivate and inspire other’s hearts and minds to take action.  So I found many positive proactive ways to create mind blowing events that touch the hearts of hundreds of thousands over the years.  I always loved to help others and started off on a incredible journey serving our country in the Navy then becoming a certified teacher and certified school and family counselor.  I enjoy doing motivational speaking and bringing out the light within others to make positive things happen.  One of my life quotes is “What I have done so far, is only a few rainstorms in an ocean of what I plan to do!” Looking forward to inspiring all generations in many ways!